What We (NOAA) Do

From Game to Reality

The “Where Rivers Meet the Sea” game is based on the ecosystem of a United States West Coast estuary.
Talking otters aside, this is a real place, and so are the environmental problems, solutions, science, and people involved in researching, sustaining, and improving it.

Watch for yourself and see how game comes to life…


Fish Counting

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Estuary as Nursery


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Estuary as Filters

Restoration of Chesapeake Bay

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Estuary Restoration

Sea Grass

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Planting Sea Grass to Improve Water Quality


Marine Debris


Marine debris, the impacts, and what you can do to help (16 minutes)


Marine animals caught and impacted by fishing nets, how NOAA removes marine debris, how you can help (4:35 minutes)


Cleaning up the Anacostia River

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Cleaning Up the Trash

More at: http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/video.html

NOAA responds to oil spills

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Oil Spills

More at: http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/video.html


Sneaker Test is for Real!

Fisheries Biologist receives a "White Sneaker Award"

About NOAA Ocean Service

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a scientific agency providing information and data about life on Earth, our oceans, atmosphere, and the Nation's living marine resources. NOAA's programs range from marine sanctuaries, environmental satellites, global climate change, and ocean exploration initiatives to climate, weather, and water services. Electronic eyes and ears have taken NOAA from beyond Earth's orbit to deep within the oceans.
Find more information about NOAA at http://www.noaa.gov/.

The National Ocean Service is an office within NOAA that promotes safe navigation, supports coastal communities, and sustains marine ecosystems. Find out more at http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/.

Twenty-seven estuarine reserve sites make up the National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS). These sites are located in 20 of the 35 U.S coastal states and protect over 1.3 million acres of coastal land and waters from Alaska to Puerto Rico. One of these sites, Elkhorn Slough, is the home of Oscar!  http://estuaries.gov/estuaries101/About/Home.aspx