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Fun Activities

smiling whelk...there is so much more out there that might interest you.

The following are links to projects and activities that are associated with the topics raised by playing the “Sea Turtles and the Quest to Nest Game”.

Make a Wallpaper

Once you designed your wallpaper, Right-Click on the picture to save it to your computer.


1. Sea turtle nesting tearsheet

2.  Who Trashed the Ocean?
Make a poster to inform people about why marine debris is bad and why we need to stop it.  (pdf, 2.82Mb)

3. Fixing Our Earth
Get involved in a project to restore damaged natural resources.

4. Trash Smash
Play and learn how to properly dispose and recycle trash:

5. Marine Debris 101 - On this site you can download informative marine debris brochures, posters, fact sheets, guidebooks, and activity books tailored to specific audiences, including beachgoers, fishermen, boaters, students and educators.

6. Keep Oceans Clean Ocean Awareness Campaign – Games, messages, and a gallery of eCards created in partnership with Environmental Defense, Disney, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, NOAA, and the Ad Council.

7. Sea Turtle Origami - Directions and diagrams on how to make whales and sea turtles out of paper.