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How to Play the Game

smiling whelk...playing computer games is not the strongest talent of a whelk (that's me)...maybe I should read the instructions!

On the main page, read about your mission by clicking on the START button.

The main screen of the game

Click on Start to play the game

Silluettes of all charchters. Click on each to play their role.
The main hub after playing all the roles

Click on the characters to play their role. When done, all characters are showing.


Take the roles of people and animals and save loggerhead turtles.

Mouse Over the characters to play their roles.
Turn into a turtle, a whelk, a tourist, a fisherman, an environmentalist, or a politician.

All people and animals affect one another.
You win when all are happy or OK (Neutral)

Depending on how you play, the characters will be:

Happy –  you helped protect/save turtles and all characters were happy.
OK – you considered the well being of turtles and the other characters.
Sad –
you did not protect or you caused damage to the turtles’, no matter how well you protected the interests of the other characters.

The bar above the character indicates how well she/he is doing.

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silhouettes of all characters. Click on each to play their role.

Click on the field guide button

Use the Field Guide

The field guide is a source of knowledge allowing the player to:

* Get the information needed in order to play/proceed with the game

* Access the field guide and learn from the “Tips and Tricks” section on how to get better score on the game/s

* Find online resources to further information about all the topics raised in the game

There are two versions of the field guide available:

  1. In-Game Guide - a short version to use while playing.
    In-game field guide

    In-game field guide

  2. Field Guide on this website - a full version with extended information about the topics raised in the game.
    field guide on this web site

    Field guide


The game presents itself and plays best on updated computer systems. Please refer to the Technical Specs section for details and Q/A.