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smiling whelk...there is so much more out there that might interest you.

The following are links to resources and outreach materials that are associated with the topics raised by playing the “Sea Turtles and the Quest to Nest Game”.

Sea Turtles

kid's time newsletter

The Kid's Times: Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Sea Turtles: The Kids' Times

Marine Turtles

Sea Turtle Information

Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

Sea Turtle Conservation

Creature Features - Loggerhead

Sea Turtle Information

You Can Help Protect Sea Turtles

swimming turtle

Loggerhead sea turtle swimming

Real Data:

You can track sea turtles at:


About Coral Reefs

Corals Tutorial

Corals Profesional Development

Marine Debris

What Is Marine Debris?

Marine Debris 101 Resources

Marine Debris Publications & References

What you can do to reduce marine debris: