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Waterlife: Sea Turtles and the Quest to Nest -
Collaboration between NOAA and Montgomery College

smiling many people worked on this game, especially me...wait, I am not "people"!

This game is a joint project between NOAA and Montgomery College’s Computer Gaming and Simulation Program ( This partnership was created out of the desire to teach science-based, environmental concepts with an exciting new serious gaming medium.

The WaterLife team works out of the NOAA Ocean Service/Education Branch and the Montgomery College/Computer Gaming and Simulation Program. We have an eclectic team with a variety of skills: programmers, writers, artists, and designers.

Game Development

Game development was a collaborative process and involved many team members from Montgomery College and NOAA.


Molly Harrison - National Marine Fisheries Service, National Education Coordinator
Peg Steffen - National Ocean Service, Education Coordinator
Marina Kraus - NOAA Ocean Service, Education Project Lead
Sara McNulty, Kristy Long - National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of Protected Resources Sea Turtle Team
Jennifer Hammond - Director NOAA's Teacher at Sea Program


Montgomery College Team

Professor Deborah Solomon - Montgomery College, Project Manager/Producer
Alex Morrow - Production Assistant
Teras Tymczyna - Production Assistant


Terry Tymczyna - Lead Artist/Animator

Additional Artist/Animators

Lida Mehrani
William Gallagher


Michael Wiles (Framework)
Brian Cosgrove (Turtle, Environmentalist, and Whelk Games)
Jing Wang (Fisherman and Tourist Games)
Bruce Gendler (Politician Game)


Jen Tonon (Soundtrack)
Terry Tymczyna (Audio and Trailer)

Contributing Audio

Steve Coupe
Neil Hipkiss (Bristol, England)



Writing was a collaborative process and involved many team members
from Montgomery College and NOAA.  In particular:
Brian Perry (many of the character intros)
Peg Steffen, Sarah McNulty ( field guide)
Sara McNulty, Kristy Long (scientific content)

Voice Actors

Tourist Dad- Mike Shelby (NOAA)
Tourist Kid - Bennett Shelby
Tourist Mom - Cassandra Lopez (NOAA)
Turtle – Carla Coupe
Enviromentalist - Jennifer Coletta (NOAA)
Fisherman - David Ladd (NOAA)
Politician - Latasha Marshall (NOAA)
Beach Visitor - Terry Tymczyna (MC)

Special Thanks

Our junior testers and advisors from Rockville, MD, elementary, middle and high schools and their parents

Staff and family testers from NOAA/National Ocean Service Communications and Education Division

Staff of NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service Education and Office of Protected Resources

Megan Forbes, NOAA Marine Debris Program

Paulo Maurin, NOAA Coral Reef Conservation

GLITCH: Game Testers

Cathy Sakas

Earth Resource Technology

Funding was provided by NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service and
NOAA's National Ocean Service.