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Technical Specs

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The game plays best with the most updated Adobe Flash player and the most recent browsers

Screen Resolution

Minimum requirement of 800 x600px
Best performance with resolution of 1024 x 768px or higher

Adobe Flash®

Flash Player plug-in version 10 is required to play this game.
Most updated web browsers have Flash Player built-in.
Flash Player is available at:

Memory and Storage

Internal Memory  - Minimum 128 MB of memory (256 MB RAM recommended)
Hard drive - 50 MB HD space

Internet Connection


Web Browsers

IE – 7.0 and higher



Questions and Answers


After I click on the PLAY button and the game starts, or while playing, my screen turns blank.

blank browser screen

Blank screen due to outdated browser or Adobe Flash versions



Make sure that you have the most recent version of an:

1. Internet browser

2. Adobe Flash Player:

The quickest solution is just to switch to a different browser, however, the ultimate solution is to update browser/s or plugins. Sometimes, in order to update the plug in, the old version needs to be uninstalled, prior to installing the new version.



The game seems not to respond to my key strokes or mouse moves.


If you have multipple applications running on your computer, click on the game's window to re-activate it, as shown below:

click on the game's browser witndow to re-activate

Re-activating the game's browser window